Should you start blogging?

Are you spending night hours in row online reading blog posts and writing comments? Or, is that the day? It doesn’t really matter. Once you go online from time to time, then you should ask yourself: why not to get paid for it?

Anyone is already a writer, to a certain extent, while the very notion of writer overcome the traditional old-fashioned concept of a philologist that develops sophisticated ideas on equally academic-like topics… Today, you may join the growing community of successful writers that apart from building public influence via blogging, may also come to a residual income. In time, your blog will generate revenue without your daily interference.

How are you supposed to start blogging?

Nevertheless, at the very beginning you need to give it a start: set the blog itself and decide what’s your niche. Choosing over the blogging platform is as simple as saying WordPress. Somehow, this is the synonym for the right platform and here are all the “why and how”. Since WordPress gained the attention and preferences of over 70 million users that are nowadays active, it knows what you want and how to get that for you. To meet your needs, WordPress developed a user-friendly interface that anticipates many questions. It’s easy to set up and it’s responsive to SOS requests. Once you enter the WordPress community, you feel at home.

A separate paragraph may be dedicated to the fact that it’s free. However, free is self-explanatory, so let’s move on. This platform is a professional giant in its field, so there will be no dilettante bugs and system errors. You are safe and secure. Next thing to be happy about is its customizability. The range of themes, layouts and plugins is unprecedentedly large, meanwhile any item you choose from the official WordPress directory passes a thorough verification process, so it’s going to be performing too. Nice, isn’t it: quality for free with no catch.

Why WordPress blogging?

There are so many reasons to go on WordPress, that you can’t have them all at once. Here one more: it will enhance your SEO attractiveness to search engines. Well, WordPress isn’t going to do your job (only because it’s not possible) and write SEO excellent content, but it’s written in conformity with the high standard for quality code strengthened by an equally smart design.

The following step is to adopt an opinion on what web hosting provider you need. You may self-host or go for a free one. If you don’t stand any “ blogs” attached to your site address, then you’re supposed to invest in a monthly fee, about the price of a coffee, for a paid hosting. It means that you select a free domain name, or, to put it otherwise, the text of your blog-link that will be recognized in search.

To decide wisely, consider such parameters as the page load speed. The faster your blog page uploads the better. It’s measured in seconds and you may test a few blogs yourself to get the real picture.

Make a research and learn which hosts aren’t only bragging to assure a 100% uptime which means their serves won’t go down on a regular basis because they are overloaded or for some other reasons.

After completing the registration on a hosting provider and logging to the newly created account, feel free to install WordPress. You will definitely get to the button Control Panel and later on, Quick Install.

Once the technical part is done, you should pick up a niche: that very industry, field or market that you plan to address. Maybe you always knew who’s your potential audience, or, here are a few tips to help you finish this task before you could say Jack Robinson.

Write three lists: what you enjoy doing; what you are good at; what you used to do earlier, so you earned some experience. Now, identify which items of those lists coincide. In case none, just underline the things you always wanted to get involved with. Now, consider that activity transferred in the virtual reality. No one single idea? Google it!

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