Tips on Selecting The Best CRMs For Your Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce website owners wanting to locate the best CRM for their online business should make it a priority to carefully review all of the various CRMs. Client relationship management software can impact the performance of your entire online business so this is not something to take lightly. A good place to begin your search is by taking a look at websites that offer unbiased reviews of ecommerce CRM software. Doing so can help you learn what features to look for, what pricing to expect, and what adoption rates you can anticipate. Along the way, make sure you also use some of these following helpful tips to find the right software solution for your online business.


Qualities to Look for to Find the Best Ecommerce CRMs

  • Is the CRM based in the cloud or do you need to have a physical copy installed on your server? The majority of the ecommerce CRMs are now based in the cloud, so you shouldn’t have to do a manual installation. Try to focus on cloud based CRM solutions which are much easier to integrate and upgrade.
  • Does the CRM come with a full suite of marketing tools? A great tool every CRM should have is the email module. This module will let you send/receive emails directly from the CRM so you never have to log into another email client.

Not only can you handle routine messages from inside the CRM but you could also use it to send out marketing materials to your current and prospective clients. Some of the more sophisticated modules will also let you know whenever a customer opens a marketing email. These metrics help you gauge the effectiveness of your ongoing marketing campaigns.


  • Does the CRM vendor provide you with ongoing support? You’ll want to partner with a CRM vendor who has a vested interest in the success of your online business. If the vendor has been in operation for a considerable number of years, they should be able to give you helpful advice on how to boost your market penetration, in addition to the ongoing technical support you will need.
  • Is the CRM scalable? This is a question that many ecommerce entrepreneurs overlook. As your online business grows your CRM needs will grow as well. You should pick a CRM that is capable of scaling up with your online business.
  • Does the CRM have a large base of current clients? If the CRM has a large base of customers using it, then you can breathe easy knowing that the vendor is going to be around for a long time.

By going through this screening exercise you can easily identify the best CRM for your online business. After implementing this best of breed software you should be able to boost your market share. Make sure you understand what cloud hosting is, too, so you can learn more about its benefits. If you use these simple tips, you’ll be able to find a quality CRM that helps you grow your online business and improve the customer relationship exponentially.

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