Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pastor Chris

If you haven’t heard the name before, get ready because you will soon! Chris Oyakhilome is an up and coming pastor whose reach extends far beyond the Christ Embassy ministry that he founded. With ministry ties to a “healing school” and world-wide devotions, Pastor Chris is making his way into houses around the nation. We’ve gathered a list of ten things you may not know about Pastor Chris.

1. Pastor Chris Maybe the Next Mark Zuckerberg

Okay, okay, it’s not as big as Facebook, yet, but Pastor Chris has started his own social media site called “Yookos”

2. Pastor Chris is a Huge Success on Twitter

While we often think of Twitter as being more of an American platform, Pastor Chris is active and wracking up followers. So far, he has 1,316,000 followers on him @PastorChrisLive account, making him first among popular Twitter users in Africa and 1,268th in the world. Despite his huge popularity, Pastor Chris follows no one!

3. Pastor Chris is No Pauper

Pastor Chris doesn’t have to worry much about finances with a huge net worth of around $50 million. How does this African pastor accumulate so much money? He’s involved in not only ministry, but also television, printed papers, publishing, records, and hotels!

4. Pastor Chris Doesn’t Have a Spotless Reputation

Pastor Chris has been involved in the midst of a scandal where he was accused on taking $35 million from his church and transferring it to his own, personal accounts in other countries. Pastor Chris denied the claims and the case was eventually dismissed. His continued popularity shows that this shadow of doubt didn’t affect his fan-base.

5. Pastor Chris Owns the First African TV Station to Reach the World 24/7

Pastor Chris is passionate about reaching audiences – so passionate that he stepped up to start the first television channel in African that reaches a worldwide audience round the clock. In all, Pastor Chris owns three different television channels: LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld SAT, and LoveWorld Plus.

6. Pastor Chris is a Writer

Pastor Chris knows how to weave words together and has amassed much of his income from selling his books. Since Pastor Chris is a faith-healer, he managed to attract a wide variety of customers to his meetings, giving him the opportunity to market his books, CDs, and DVDs.

7. Pastor Chris isn’t a Friend of the TAC

The Treatment Action Campaign or TAC isn’t thrilled with Pastor Chris’ claims that he can perform healings. TAC says that Pastor Chris’ claims are bogus and points to a woman who stopped taking her TB medicine after a faith healing at his Christ Embassy church – the end result was her death and the disease was spread to her children. The TAC fought against Pastor Chris so hard that South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority at one time banned his church from claiming that they could perform faith healings.

8. Pastor Chris Got an Early Start

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was still studying at the university when he launched Belivers’ Loveworld Fellowship, a ministry that grew to include followers across the world.

9. Pastor Chris Doesn’t Do it Alone

While Pastor Chris has his finger in a lot of pies, he doesn’t bear the entire burden of ministry and business alone. His wife, Anita, stays by his side, taking an active role investments, business decisions, and church leadership. Aside from being a working team, the couple also raises two daughters together.

10. Pastor Chris Owns an Airline

Private jets move aside! In 2006, Pastor Chris bought his own airline which he then renamed “Skypower”.

From his faith healings to his extreme business management, Pastor Chris is a minister the world won’t soon forget!

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