Some Cool Rakhi Gift Ideas for a Sports Enthusiast Brother

There are people who live by the motto of “Eat healthy, play harder and live happier”. They are the people who consider sports as an important part of their life and can be easily seen sweating it out. If your brother is a total sports freak and loves playing different sports, you can gift him a variety of sports equipments. These sports based gifts can be a wonderful way to express the eternal love for your brother during Rakhi.

Gift him a pair of soccer shoes- Your brother loves playing football and can be seen running with the ball in the school playground or nearby park. If you want to really impress your brother with your choice of gift, soccer shoes would be an ideal gift for him.

A pair of boxing gloves- The hard hitting punches of boxing legends like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and others have really made an impact on the mind of your brother. He wants to be a heavy weight boxer and practises really hard for the same. In order to boost the morale of your brother, you can gift him a pair of boxing gloves as a special Rakhi gift. In case, your brother is living in Singapore, online rakhi delivery in Singapore along with these boxing gloves for a perfect Rakhi gift. There are also various gift delivery services that offer free shipping to its customers during special occasions.

A set of the dumb bell- For any brother who is aiming for rippling muscles and “Hulk” kind of physique, a set of the dumb bell would be the most appropriate gift. You can easily buy it from any gym equipment or sports equipment shop and can gift it to your beloved brother. Apart from the dumb bell, a skipping rope, balance ball and other items would be an amazing gift choice for your brother.

Gift him a basketball- If your brother spends most of his time on the basketball court. It would be a wise decision to gift him a basketball that can help him continue his practice after school hours. You can gift wrap the basketball in a fantastic manner and can gift the same to your brother. You can also send the basketball along with online Rakhi to Singapore if your brother stays in another country like Singapore to strengthen the sibling bonding. People can avail the free shipping services provided by various delivery service providers that can send your Rakhi and other associated gifts without any extra charge.

Buy a track suit for him- Sisters can also choose the comfortable track suit for their brother for the purpose of jogging, gym, running and other such athletic activities. This smart gift choice will be instantly loved by your brother and he will admire your fabulous choice without any doubt.

So, it is time to surprise your sports freak brother with these exceptional gift ideas for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. With these gift ideas, you can easily carve out a special place in the heart of your loving brother.          

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