Secret Lifestyle Advice for Teens


You already know that teenage is a very confusing stage of life. In this stage, a girl or boy faces trouble deciding that what should be their style and fashion. They can neither depend on their parents nor can they take their own decision regarding style and fashion. So, they fall a very critical situation eventually.

But it is a very pity matter a teen girl looks nice in every kind of dress up actually. So as a teen, you have not to be more worry about your style. Just keep in mind that you are not far away from the present fashion trend.

There are some secret style tips of course which will keep you update so that you can grab easily the updated fashion style. I am going to share with you some those secret style advices for the teen.

 As a style expert, I can assure you that if you can go through these exclusive tips, you will be a stylish teen, no doubt.

So, let’s check out some fresh and proved style tips for teens that are unknown to your friends even!

Secret Style Advice for Teens

Here I have mentioned below a list of style ideas for teens. These will let your teen girl choose her own style. You teen will also be comfortable with them.

  • Maintain Your Clothes

At first, learn to maintain your clothes. Choose such clothes which match with your age, height, body color and shape. You can add a retro look in you with a plain little black dress combined with and handbag and a vintage brown belt. You can also be outfitted with or skinny jeans and blazers or maxi dresses.

  • Don’t Forget about Hats, Bags, and Belts

Your hats, handbags, and belts are also an important part of your style. So, Spice up your outfits with these accessories. Handbags, Belts, and statement necklaces can be a great way to explore yourself. You can spice up your classic clothing with these accessories.

They are a great way to explore your outfits. But keep in mind that you should not wear the hats on a windy day.

  • Don’t Be a Snob

You can have great outfits even though your clothes and accessories are not purchased from a big brand store. No matter, what store they are bought.

You will get very good quality accessories even from your nearby wholesale market. So you can have wholesale handbags, belts, hats from there. No need to rush super store for that. You can also get a good discount there!

  • Build your wardrobe

Try to make your own wardrobe with the combination of neutral colors. There must have some good quality clothes and accessories. Make sure that you have few key pieces in your wardrobe.

Here I have brought up some basic pieces of outfits which you can consider for your wardrobe.

  • Dark blue skinny jeans
  • Pencil skirt having a neutral color. You can choose black as it is the most popular color to teen!
  • Slim-legged black slacks
  • Little black dress. Choose this which fits your body type
  • A white and long-sleeved button-down shirt
  • V-neck t-shirts having neutral colors (white, black or gray )
  • Basic black pumps
  • A crew-neck sweater having a neutral color. You may choose cashmere. But it is expensive.
  • Ankle boots of black or brown color
  • Black or Nude ballet flats
  • A black blazer
  • black trench or beige or coat
  • A motorcycle jacket of black or neutral color
  • Keep it neutral

Nothing to be worried about colors. Try to choose neutral palette like gray, beige, black, and white. For example, you can buy a vibrant green blouse matching with black pencil skirt and a black blazer.

  • Discover your fashion icons.

A great way to decide on your personal style is to follow a fashion icon. Try to explore the style of others. This might help you understand your own tastes that what you like, what you dislike, and what you love.

Celebrities, designers and Fashion bloggers, are a great way to explore fashion. Follow them on Pinterest or Instagram.

  • Be confident

Confidence is an important part of your style. As a teen, you have to be confident that you can carry what you like. Even you may look more stylish with very ordinary clothes and ornaments. If you suffer from lack of confidence, you can’t be able to carry even very expensive clothes. Then your style will turn into effortless.

In a whole, I think, it is clear now to you that your style is your matter. But keep in trust on you that you are not apart from this stylish world. And never put on excessive accessories. It can make you uncomfortable rather than making stylish.

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