Popularity of vinyl plank flooring in Singapore

When a person builds a house, he/she puts his/her everything into it. The house is built on the dreams of the person. They also put everything into it. It includes their money and heart. When a person builds a house, it is not just the place to live in. it also has an emotional bonding. People are very clear about what they want. There are a number or companies that construct and build a house for the customer just like they want. Every part of the house is made separately and is put together to form a beautiful home that is ready to move in. This is the beauty of assigning the work to the right people. A person can sit back and watch as the house is being built as they wish and can even enjoy the process. Well skilled vinyl plank flooring in Singapore became popular when people started wanting their places to be different from the houses that were built earlier. Usually people confuse vinyl flooring to plywood. It is easy to be confused between these two types. The main reason for this is that the people at shops normally explain these alike. But there are a number of differences in the form of material, comfort level, thickness and their resistance to moisture. The core of the differences is the base materials.


Differences between vinyl and laminate flooring

 Vinyl flooring is a kind that uses 100% plastic that forms the base of the flooring. This gives an extreme resistance to moisture. Even when well known home cleaning services is submerged in water for a number of days, the material still remains intact without any harm to it. With the advancement in the field, vinyl flooring does not have to look old style and boring any more. There are these new plank shapes which are narrow and long. They are created like mimicking boards that are made of real wood. A special technique of a well skilled 24 hour locksmith service called click joinery is used that allows the blocks to stick together leaving no space in between. The embossing techniques used on vinyl flooring are also improving lately making this type of floor popular once again. Laminated floors are made of 99% wood which makes it vulnerable during floods and other conditions when there is water for a prolonged time on the flooring. Even the overflow of a dishwasher may be harmful when this type of flooring is considered.

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