Mine Planning: Strategic and Tactical

General mine planning and mining models are understood as an integral part of the mine planning process. However, for mine project management to run smoothly mine planning needs to cover strategic and tactical aspects of the project. This process is integral to planning for mine projects and for their long term success.


Strategic mine planning

Strategic planning for a mine project involves lateral thinking to pinpoint scenarios in which the objectives of the mine can be reached. The end goal of the strategic mine plan is to define the goal of the mine itself. The objective is centred on getting the best economic outcome from the particular resource being mined.

The strategic plan is focussed on determining an objective driven by obtaining the best value from the resource as well as any limitations. This includes developing corrective strategies in case any of the predetermined strategies should fail. Every possibility must be explored and catered for to ensure once the project begins there is a plan for every eventuality.

The strategic plan can change and is loose in structure to make sure that it can adjust to external factors that may arise as the project takes place.


Tactical mine planning

The tactical mine plan is the means by which the strategic plan will be carried out, the method by which the resource is obtained and then utilised. This includes the capital and labour to make sure that a feasible tactical plan is put in place and followed to achieve the strategic plan’s goal.

Tactical mine planning, in a nutshell, is the most effective way to put the strategy into action. The tactical implementation of tasks that need to be completed in order to fulfil the strategy are set by a rigid standard.

The tactical plan is rarely strayed from unless a big change in the project was determined by the strategical plan to be unfeasible. Once the re-strategizing has taken place the tactical plan may see some changes to compensate for this.

For a successful mining project no stone can be left unturned and every reality needs a plan. This is why the mine planning process is crucial to the success of any mine project. Should you require assistance with general mine planning and mining models, we are here to help!

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