Blend it all with blenders

Hand blenders

It has other names like stick blender, immersion blender, wand blender. They are used for domestic purposes to blend edible substances, emulsify sauces or puree soups and other food. They are compact and can be available for under $40. The nature of versatility present within these blenders makes it unique from other kitchen apparatus. It’s small enough to hold it using one hand but it can handle big bowls or pots of sauce or soup. You can carry them for a picnic or other purposes and the jar can be used as a travelling cup for fresh smoothie that you want to enjoy while you are still outside the house.

Professional blenders

The professional blenders are a bit expensive and available with a stronger performance and extended warranty periods. They perform multifunctional tasks effortlessly like crushing ice, chopping, pureeing, heating, cooking soups, making smoothies, shakes, grinding seeds and nuts, mincing, dicing and more. If you are ready to pay 50 to 100$ then you can get a moderate range of blender with some extra features like dual jugs for all kinds of servings, separate switch for crushing ice. Obviously, the blending results will be effective and you can get extra accessories on the purchase. You can try the Greenis best smoothie blenders for an effective result.

Material the jar is made up of

The three materials that the jar is made up of are glass, plastic or polycarbonate and stainless steel. Glass made jugs are easy to clean and solid but heavy in weight. But accidentally if you drop the jar then it can’t be used afterwards. The plastic jars can absorb the smell of the food and not spoiling the next food item. They can absorb the unwanted stains of the blended substances. They are light in weight and can survive a few accidental knocks and drops. The ones made up of stainless steel are both easy to clean and weighs light. But since it is not opaque in nature so the cook cannot view the contents inside the blender and maybe he or she has to turn off the blender repeatedly to check the ingredients inside it.

Wattage or horsepower

Blenders are available in two different kinds of horsepower. However, you can directly check the wattage directly because that will show the exact power and by knowing that you can compare the motors of the blenders. For the general information, one electrical horsepower is equal to 746 watts. Considering the motor wattage of the blender, 300 watts is enough to blend sauces, dessert mixes and dressings. 500 to 800 watts can be suitable to crush ice cubes for drinks or smoothies or to break large quantities of nuts.

How does a blender works

The blender works like a centrifugal juicer with a high-spinning blade to cut the whole fruits or veggies to minute pieces. By this, it causes oxidation and destroys the enzymes of the substance. Blenders work under diffusion, convection and shear .Two kinds of things that can be performed by the blenders are mixing of liquids or blending of solids. It highlights the challenges related to the grinding of granular powdered solid materials.  The blending of solids resembles the mixing of low viscosity liquids to some extent. Diffusion blending is the random motion of small scale particles and it occurs when the particles are spread over a developed interface. Shear blending is very effective.

Kinds of blending structures

There are two kinds of blend structures. One is structured and the other is random. When the different blending substances bind or combine with each other then it results to a random blend structure. Structured blending is the combination of different ingredients via molecular, physical or chemical means.

Why ignore beauty blenders

They are not ordinary sponges to blend make up but beauty blenders are hydrophilic in nature that means it can absorb extra water. You can evenly blend any kind of concealer, BB cream tinted moisturizer, powder, blush, bronzer or contour powder. You can refresh your skin and hydrate it. Using brush to apply foundation can result in streaks but if we use a blender then it ensures a natural coverage with even tone. Use warm or cool water or even any spray to wet the beauty blender for best application. Squeeze the sponge to remove the excess water and don’t press it too hard leading to tearing or ripping as they are soft and delicate enough. Then dab the sponge into your make up and tap the round bottom against your face to apply the makeup. Use it very gently until all the makeup is smoothly blended. The pointed edge of the blender is to apply concealer under eyes, along the lips, or contouring.


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