What Is Plantar Fasciitis

Many people feel different kinds of pains in their bodies but they do not understand the real reason behind these pains. Some of these pains are very common and almost all people have these types of pains one and more times in their body. People of a certain age group have these types of pains more than other people. Some of these pains are related to the physical body of a human being such as shoulder pains, backbone pains, knee pain, pain in the joints and all that. In this article, you will read about plantar fasciitis pain and causes.

Are you surprised about the name and do not know what it actually is. There is a flat band of tissue in the heels of every person’s body which is known as Plantar fasciitis. The function of this part of the feet is to provide support to the arch of the body. If this part is hurt or strained, it will start swelling and irritating. The person who has this problem will not be able to walk or he will have pain while standing up or walking.

Plantar fasciitis is a very common problem, especially in middle age people. Other people also go through this problem on different occasions. People who have jobs, which keep them standing and on their feet a lot can also have this problem. Nowadays, people are not taking healthy and proper diet, which gives them a real vitamin. The food people are taking is not healthy and do not do any good other than increasing wait that is why many people nowadays are having the problem of lack of vitamin in their body. This can lead to weakness and it decreases the strength of the body and lead to problems like pain in the heels. Sales representatives, restaurant staff, body gourds, soldiers, and there are many other people with professions like this who go through this problem.

People who are overweight also have this problem because they put all their weight on their feet when they are walking or standing and the tissues do not bear the weight and that result into a pain in the feet. If a person is not wearing comfortable shoe while walking or standing, he can go through this problem. Symptoms of this problem are different. Some people feel the pain when they take first few steps in the morning and after some time the pain decreases. Some people start feeling pain after a small part of the day while performing their daily activities. Our whole body is connected to our brain. All the nerves of the start from the brain and go to our feet. Sometimes if people are going through some mental tension and stress, it can lead to pain in the heels too.

Sometimes the pain goes away with after taking rest. However, if you are going through this problem daily, it is important to go to a doctor. He will guide you best what is the reason for the pain. The doctor suggests painkiller first but if that does not work and the patient is still having this pain, the doctor suggests plantar fasciitis therapy.

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