Before Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center, Read This

Helping a loved one recover from drug addiction can be heart-wrenching. Fortunately, with long-term addiction treatment in Orange County, you don’t have to go it alone. To get the results you want, however, you must be certain you choose the right recovery center. By asking the following questions, you can be certain you are entrusting your loved one’s recovery to the professionals at a quality place.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

While you can’t put a price tag on sobriety, you do need to know how much to budget for recovery. Try to get an idea of all costs associated with the program. Also, see if your loved one’s insurance policy covers treatment.

What Is the Center’s Treatment Approach?

Since you are not a recovery expert, you must rely on professionals at the treatment center to help your loved one get sober. Still, before you commit to the program, you want a general idea of the treatment plan. Ask if doctors at the facility prescribe medication that might have its own consequences. Also, consider whether the center offers follow-up treatment.

What Constitutes Success?

Not every Orange County long-term addiction treatment program defines success the same way. Some might consider treatment complete if your loved stays for the duration of treatment. Others might declare victory if your loved one stays sober after leaving treatment. Still others define success in different ways. Regardless, you should try to know what to expect before deciding on a treatment facility.

How Does the Center Handle Withdrawal?

Not only can detoxing be painful, it can be deadly. When you are looking for long-term addiction treatment in Orange County, ask about the facility’s approach to withdrawal. Ask if the center uses prescription drugs to mitigate discomfort. Since Xanax, Antabuse, methadone and other recovery drugs have side effects, ask about the facility’s approach to weening patients during and after treatment.

Does the Center Have a Reentry Program?

Those who successfully complete long-term treatment often find reentering society stressful. Before committing to a program, ask if the facility offers a reentry program. These programs often teach patients the life skills they need to stay sober. They also usually match the patient with a caseworker who can help with everyday tasks following discharge.

If your loved one needs long-term addiction treatment in Orange County, you want to be sure you are sending him or her to the best place. With a bit of effort, you can find the right treatment center to help your loved one recover.


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