What To Do After Your Business Has Been Hacked?

Cyber threats are lurking everywhere. Hackers can gain personal data from websites, emails, and more. Unfortunately, we are hearing more and more about businesses being hacked and having the personal information of their staff and customers exposed. Many small businesses are unprepared to handle the aftermath of being hacked. If you should find your company in this situation, follow the tips below.

Contain the Issue

The first thing you should do after getting hacked is to contain the problem. Containment involves running anti-virus scans, resetting your passwords, and assessing the extent of the damage. These and other containment procedures will make sure that no more damage is caused by the hacking. By acting quickly, you can minimize the extent of the hacking. If your website has been hacked, remember to get rid of the corrupted files or take them off the server so nobody can access them online.

Be Transparent

After you have neutralized the cyber threat, you should report it to your customers. This is especially crucial if the data breach exposed customer files and personal information could have been exposed by the hack. The only thing worse than a huge data breach is not reporting it to the people who may have been affected by it. Customers appreciate transparency. Sure, you may lose a few customers because of it, but not as many as you would if you avoid informing them.

Call a Professional

If your company does not have a dedicated IT team, you will benefit from contacting a professional cybersecurity company. They can help you through the process of minimizing damage and removing any comprised files. An Atlanta IT security company can also help you to enact security measures to prevent another cyber attack in the future.

Prepare for the Future

Try looking at your cyber attack as an opportunity to learn and improve. This is a chance to review your data security protocols and strengthen them for the future. As mentioned previously, you can contact an Atlanta IT security company for assistance with the part of the process. No matter if you try to handle it on your own or hire professionals to do it, you must bulk up your cybersecurity. Just because you were a victim in the past does not mean you cannot be hacked again. Now is the time to start protecting your customers and your company and begin looking towards the future.



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